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  • Uncomplicated patients are discharged day 10-14.
  •  Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness patients are transferred when stable as an in-patient to their local Renal Unit, usually 5-7 days post-operatively.
  • Patients may be discharged home or to an inpatient bed at the referring hospital. This should be agreed between discharging and receiving teams.

Transfer to Referring Renal Unit

  • Contact the centre before and on day of discharge.
  • A copy of the patient transfer details sheet (medical and nursing) with a computer printout of the biochemistry, haematology, Tacrolimus results and discharge letter should accompany patient on transfer and/or faxed to receiving unit. NO INFORMATION REGARDING THE DECEASED DONOR SHOULD BE INLCUDED IN THIS SUMMARY ACCOMPANYING THE PATIENT.


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